Sasha Hakman, MD/MS

An evidence based guide to women's health and fitness

Optimizing your fitness through weight training before and after your fertility journey

Exercise & reproduction: is there a connection?

One of the most common things women suffering from infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and/or obesity are counseled by their physician is to do, is "eat healthier" and "lose weight". Many patients with whom I discuss lifestyle modification, insist that they have tried everything with no avail.


In a 45 minute consultation where the primary focus of the office visit is to discuss your diagnosis & treatment, there is little time remaining to provide in depth teaching to help achieve the lifestyle recommendations we are prescribing. My goal, is to help provide evidence based information learned from scientific journals to help you achieve important lifestyle goals! 

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Nerisa Stefani, Canada

I never though I could lift weights like this. I can't believe how easy it was to start with the help of Sasha Hakman's coaching! She constantly reached out to me to make sure all my questions were answered!

Erin Dopp, Detroit

Dr Hakman's intermediate-advanced workout program has really helped me get

back into shape postpartum! Already in week 6/12, I feel strong and getting close to my pre-pregnancy weight!

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